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Quick update on TechNZ

By Ruth
September 2 2010

Posted in Announcements

We’ve had a bit of info through from TechNZ, so if you’re interested in applying, read on!

Here’s a link back to our previous post that has been updated with current info (and apologies, it’s looking a bit “technicolour”, just wanted to be clear about the timeline of  new information / updates!)

Companies applying for this funding should also note:

Yes, as previously flagged, funding is turning out to be very competitive this year!  We’re reliably informed that the number of registrations of interest so far have confirmed this.  “Exceeded expectations” would perhaps be too strong, but you get the picture:

Supply < Demand

Summer of Tech’s opinion goes like this:

Companies should get their best possible business case for TechNZ investment submitted before the deadline on 10 September.

Additional information and assistance is available, see this post for more info.

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