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TechNZ deadline update!

By Ruth
September 10 2010

Posted in Announcements

TechNZ announced late yesterday that they have extended the deadline for registrations of interest for companies seeking funding for Undergraduate Internships in the summer of 2010/2011.

If you’ve already submitted… great!  If not, you have 1 more week!

From TechNZ’s website:

In light of the recent earthquakes in Canterbury we have revised our registration of interest deadline for the TechNZ undergraduate internships.  We are now accepting registrations up to Friday 17 September 2010.

So, to re-cap: new deadline for TechNZ applications is Friday 17 September

The approval notification date has also moved, it’s now Monday 4th October (was 24th September)

Note that the “Factsheet” which is available in the “Related Downloads” section of TechNZ’s web-page has NOT been updated yet.

For more information:

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