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What’s the impact of Summer of Tech and Biz?

By Trent Mankelow
May 31 2019

Posted in Announcements

Summer of Tech has been around for 13 years, and each summer we place hundreds of students in paid summertime internships. There is a lot of affection for our brand among interns past and present because we’ve helped them get their first “real” job.

2018 team celebrating 200+ intern placements in 6 hours!

2018 team celebrating 200+ intern placements in 6 hours!

The programme is a pretty easy sell to employers too, not only is there something really fulfilling about helping the next generation, they can all vividly remember their first jobs and the people that took a punt on them.

But beyond the warm fuzzies, what difference has Summer of Tech made to NZ Inc?

Earlier this year, with some financial help from Hoku, we did some work to try and answer that question. The detailed report is below, but here are a few select highlights:

Thanks for your continued support, and download the report for more facts and figures and some great case studies.

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