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Bootcamp Highlights: Intro into Summer of Tech & Biz and Alumni Panel – UoA

By Ella Halstead
April 3 2019

Posted in Blog

Guest blog by Justin Espinas

In Auckland on Wednesday, Thomas presented to us all the ins and outs of Summer of Tech and what it has to offer. He was joined by a fantastic panel which consisted of Hayden Jeune, Salina Dhungel, Stefanie Chua, and Connor Mattson who all found success in landing internships at Xero, Fergus Software, Pushpay and Rocket Lab respectively. The advice they had for students is to get involved, register and attend as many events as possible to get the most out of Summer of Tech. Although its important to get good grades, it’s even more important to show industry employers enthusiasm and interest in what you’re doing. If you think you don’t have the technical skills to succeed, don’t let this stop you from getting involved. Employers hire those with a personality that fits in with the company. They hire people who they think they would enjoy working alongside. Highly recommended were the Summer of Tech boot camps that run all throughout the year. These boot camps help you with all the technical and soft skills needed to work in the industry. They are also a great way to network and get to know your future employers which will lead up to the Meet and Greet, and speed interviews later in the year.

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