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Bootcamp Highlights – Source Control: Git 101

By Ella Halstead
April 3 2019

Posted in Blog

Guest blog by Justin Espinas

A talented team from Xero consisting of Kirk, Ivan, Rodrick, Rebecca and Kenji came in this week to help us make our first few steps into the world of Git!

Git is an Open Source Control System. In other words, it allows for collaboration with projects simultaneously where each person can have their own copy of the code.

The Xero team first went over the history of Git and it’s growth to how well used it is now in today’s biggest tech industries like Microsoft. They then taught us the lots of different jargon to help us understand the lifecycle of a change from being unstaged, staged and committed.

‘Afterwards, it was time for us to give it a go. The team ran through with us some demonstrations to help us put all of the new information into practice. We were first shown how to create a repository from scratch, then shown how to get a copy of someone else’s code that was committed to the public, and then finally how to edit the code to fix bugs and commit these changes online. When working through these demonstrations, they showed us how to work through it while using the GitHub desktop app and the command line.

The night was jammed packed with valuable information and material on Git and was topped off with a chance to mingle with everyone over some pizza! Special thanks to the team of Xero coming out and running the bootcamp!

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