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calling girl geeks!

By Ruth
July 26 2010

Posted in Community

Warning: this post contains sexual discrimination that may offend male readers.  Viewer discretion is advised…!

Announcing….The Summer of Tech 2010 Girl Geek Prize!!

Girl Geek Dinner Logo

This competition is open to all female Summer of Tech 2010 candidates, who have completed their profile on the Summer of Tech website!

On offer, we have:

1st prize:

1 x ticket to the next Wellington Girl Geek Dinner (11 August).  The speaker is Rochelle Furneaux (aka @kiwiseabreeze) who is a dispute resolver extraordinaire. She’ll talk about why intellectual property is important and how to be a technology lawyer.  Of particular interest to Design students perhaps, but the networking & dinner conversation will be of value to ALL SoT candidates.

1 x FABULOUS girl geek accessory, a Paris Special Edition leather laptop back-pack (fits up to 15.4″laptop).

Check it out!!

HUGE thanks to Lushai for sponsoring this prize!!

2nd prize:

1 x ticket to the next Wellington Girl Geek Dinner (11 August)

Conditions of entry:

  1. you must be registered as a candidate in Summer of Tech 2010
  2. you must complete your Summer of Tech profile
  3. you must tell us the answer to one simple question:

Name one woman in technology who inspires you

(you can do this as a comment on this blog post, or by emailing info (@) summeroftech.co.nz if you’re shy 😉 )

…NOTE: if you have already purchased a ticket to the Girl Geek Dinner, you can still enter, your prize might be exchanged for a ticket to the next GGD, or an equivalent groovy girl geek incentive…

We make no apology for excluding the majority of students from this prize, boy geeks, we still value & support you, and are open to suggestions for prizes & incentives that will get you engaged in a technology career… but, in the meantime, Summer of Tech is keen to encourage women into technology internships, and keen to know who inspires YOU in your career goals.

Girl geeks… good luck!

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