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ScaleConf Report – Sherry

By Ruth
August 17 2017

Posted in Community
Thanks to the awesome organisers of ScaleConf New Zealand, 15 students were able to attend industry events in Wellington recently.  Here’s a word from one of the recipients, Sherry Shi:
ScaleConf had a bunch of high quality speakers and a wide range of topics. Basically I’d say it is an operation-oriented conference, perfectly for developers. But as a designer, I also learnt a lot both from 3 sessions relevant to UX and the technical speeches.
It was exciting to hear the practical cases happened and happening in the top notched companies. For example, Pinterest changes Python to Java automatically and successfully made the automating migrations, Microsoft is doing a lot of work on bot-based conversation as the new interaction approach. Also, New Zealand companies gave us great pragmatic insights, including Timely and A2X. Moreover, I knew some awesome tools from the speeches, like what MSD is using to improving the performance; similar to DataDog, which provides highly visualised data analysis for people to evaluate and improve the system.
There were much more valuable knowledge that I couldn’t list here.
In a conclusion, it’s indeed an eye-opening and informative day! I really appreciate the opportunity for being in the audience.
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