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Startup Weekend – Gen

By Ruth
June 10 2016

Posted in Community

This is a guest post by Genevieve Jebson, one of several #SoTWLG alumni/students & friends who participated in Startup Weekend Wellington in May 2016. Huge thanks to the Startup Weekend team & the fabulous folks at the Biz Dojo for making this experience possible!

On Friday 27th of May, a sold out crowd gathered at the Biz Dojo for an exciting weekend full of tears, laughs and stress; this was Start­Up Weekend. A jam-­packed 54 hour weekend designed to educate non-­technical and technical (designers and developers) entrepreneurs.

5pm Friday night kicked off with a bang, with 42 different ideas pitched. 13 of these ideas lived, and teams were formed; continuing into brainstorming, validation, business plan development, prototypes and most importantly, how you will make money! By Sunday night your team is expected to present a 5 minute pitch to everyone, including 3 judges (yes, there are prizes!), and guests; including business people, entrepreneurs, family, friends and those who are genuinely interested in hearing about what teams got up to.

Team Rookie at Startup Weekend WLG

Before every meal, teams were expected to do a 1 minute update, detailing how their team was going and what they needed from the generous and super helpful mentors and or staff. Speaking of the meals, they were absolutely wonderful; I swear I ate like a queen that weekend.

Start­Up weekend is an amazing opportunity to collaborate with other like-­minded people outside of who you would usually interact with, you receive valuable feedback and advice from mentors and you have an amazing opportunity to co-­found one of your own ideas and watch it come to life before your eyes.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Summer of Tech & Biz Dojo for allowing me to partake in this amazing opportunity. I learnt so much throughout the whole process, made some awesome new friends and found great new networking connections which have provided awesome opportunities out in the workplace. It truly was an exciting, memorable and life­-changing experience.

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