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Startup Weekend Wellington 26-28 May

By Ruth
May 3 2017

Posted in Community

CALLING ALL DESIGNERS, DEVELOPERS AND IDEAS FOLK: Startup Weekend returns to Wellington, May 26-28, 2017

What can you do in 54 hours? Share ideas, meet a team, build something cool, and be mentored by the industry’s finest at Startup Weekend Wellington; where you’ll find the tools to design and build a new product, service or business in the space of a single, fast-paced weekend.

A bunch of SoT2016 students participated in Startup Weekend last year, and 3 of them, David, Gen and MJ shared their stories.

Who is this good for?

Anyone who has TIME (it’s a big commitment) and is MOTIVATED to join a team and test out a startup idea over a weekend in Wellington at the end of May.
Anyone who wants to get FAST EXPERIENCE and something for their CV and/or PORTFOLIO.
Especially good for marketers, business majors, ideas people.  But it doesn’t matter what you’re studying, there’s opportunities for every skill-set.

Why should you go?

Startup Weekend is a place to join a team, test a startup idea, work with new people, and build something.  It’s a good way to build experience, fast. It looks great on your CV. If you’re thinking of starting a business yourself, or if you want to see what it’s like to work on a startup, this is for you.

What else should you know?

There are 3 extremely useful warmup events that will be good to go to, to help maximise your startup weekend. We have been working closely with the team and feeding in experience and tips from last year’s SoT participants!  These workshops will be amazing, and we are excited & grateful that the SWWLG team are supporting more students & newbies to attend Startup Weekend.

PSSST! SoT2017 Students take note: The warmup events will be extremely relevant for our Summer of Tech Create Camp, and anyone who is keen to work in a startup environment one day!!!

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