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Techweek: Blockchain Conference

By Ruth
April 13 2017

Posted in Community

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting some of the awesome tech industry events happening around NZ during Techweek 2017.  We highly encourage students (oh, and everyone else!) to check out the Techweek calendar and get along to as many events as you can. Great topics, great networking, great opportunities to connect with the wider tech industry & emerging trends.

The Blockchain and Smart Contracts are set to transform the world. The organisers of the Blockchain Conference are bringing some of the top blockchain experts (including Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum) from around the globe to Auckland in a few weeks time. We will take you on a journey from teaching you the basics through to exploring some of the real life ways that blockchain technology is being used to disrupt business models and transform our society. Blockchain (especially Ethereum/Solidity) developers are becoming highly sought after.

For more background, check out this article: Is Blockchain the most important IT invention of our age?  from The Guardian Newspaper, UK.

Conference website: www.TheBlockchain.NZ and a blog with more details.

pssssst! SoT2017 students… check your inbox, we have a super-special opportunity for you to participate in the Blockchain conference – contact us if you didn’t get the email & want to know more!

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