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Checklist for Employers: Getting Ready For Summer Interns

By Bronny Vrey
May 6 2021

Posted in Employer Resources

Checklist This Out! Here is your May Checklist!

The ultimate guide through the steps in the Summer of Tech process for Employers.  If you are considering participating in Summer of Tech this year – this is your “go-to” guide to keep on top of the process and key dates that you need to know in order to plan ahead of time.

What the heck is this checklist thing?

Summer of Tech’s aspiration is to empower New Zealand’s diverse tech students to bridge the gap between learning and earning, by making it easy and attractive for New Zealand employers to hire them. This checklist is just one of the many ways we are keen to help you hire interns and graduates. 

Each month we will add your “need to know” key actions so you can plan and keep on top of the process. As we go we will add tips and tricks for that step. Regardless of whether you have been through Summer of Tech before, we hope you will still find value in checking this monthly.

New to Summer of Tech?– register here or contact our team to find out more here.

May Checklist

SO… May! You could be thinking – sheesh, this is WAAAY too early to get started with Summer internships. Nope, now’s good! We already have over 800 students actively looking for roles, both now and for the summer. That’s a lot of keen newbies who could be finding out about great career opportunities with your team. Given that there are over 150 employers to check by the end of the year – jumping in and registering now will give your brand a boost.

May Event – don’t miss it!

Attend our Employer Launch Info Session on 20th May – if you’re new to Summer of Tech or if you want to know what’s new for us in 2021! Click here to REGISTER 

May Tips & Tricks

That’s it for May! Remember we are only one click away of you get stuck or need to ask a question!

June Checklist… coming soon…

In the meantime here are our key dates for 2021!

Internships New Zealand Key Dates

Summer of Tech Internships New Zealand Key Dates

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