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By Ruth
September 4 2016

Posted in Employer Resources

An Insiders Guide To…
Finding the Awesomest Interns

Congrats! You’ve already identified yourself as a switched-on employer by signing up to Summer of Tech… so here’s some tips to make your intern-finding even more successful.

We make it easy for you to find NZ’s top talent, but it can be quite competitive securing the awesomest interns for the summer! In past years, our top candidate had 10+ offers. That means one “YES” and 9 “NO THANK YOU’S” on offers day.

We want to make your intern Search & Employ mission a streamlined, efficient & effective process, so here’s some top tips for employers in SoT2017:

Tip 1: Be an intern-magnet

Your profile on the Summer of Tech website is the place to shine the light on how amazing your organisation is. Describe your culture, what do people do, what do they like? What’s a typical day? What will your interns LEARN? What will interns work on (technical & professional development) this summer?

If you take the time to describe what it’s like to work at your place, how you’re different from other companies, and most importantly, the OPPORTUNITY you’re offering interns, then that’s how you become an intern-magnet.

On your SoT profile, we suggest you talk about your business, including what you do, what your product/service all about, who your customers are, and what it’s like to work there.  Definitely worth shooting a quick video of your office and maybe the team saying “hi”, too!

Interns will also be very interested in what their role or project will be! If you can, include a description of the technology/tools they’ll be working with, whether training or support is offered, and if there will be any specific outcomes from their internship.

We have strong feedback from students & alumni that a focus on “academic excellence” can be off-putting. The realities of student life, finances and priorities means that for many students with family responsibilities, financial pressure or outside interests, grades may not be their most excellent feature. Students want to know that you’re assessing them on their potential in a real world situation, not just their ability to meet university deadlines & academic standards.

Tip 2: Be proactive

Although students can express interest in your internship roles, we HIGHLY recommend doing some proactive searching on our website.  We suggest you start with an anonymised search, which will give you the opportunity to remove identifying characteristics and eliminate any unconscious bias you might have about what your perfect intern might be like.

You can search our database by technical skills, year of study, and region.  You can drill deeper into candidate profiles to see their cover letter, CV, academic transcript and full technical skills summary. We suggest you search before Meet & Greet, then go deeper into profiles after you’ve met & greeted students, to get a full understanding of capabilities before interviews.

Tip 3: Be strategic

Our top tips for searching are to go wide, then go deep. Don’t rule out students who are doing a certificate or diploma, and make sure you check out 1st and 2nd year students, too! Also don’t forget we have out-of-town students, so see if you can accommodate skype or hangouts as an interview medium.

Our top tips for hiring are to be focused, have clear criteria, and be ready to meet some amazingly talented students! Before you hit interview & offers days, think about what technical, academic and personality characteristics you’re looking for. You might choose to set a code test, or invite 1 or several students in to visit your offices. You might stick with our SoT Speed Interviews, or plan for longer 1:1 interviews.

Summer of Tech recruitment season is an intense time, there’s 3 weeks between Meet & Greet and Offers day, so planning for it ahead of time is a great way to ensure you get to work with our awesomest interns this summer!

Bonus tips: Meet & Greet Events

Our recruitment events happen in mid-September. Here’s some top tips to help you make the most of the meeting & greeting:

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