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Powering up the Devtrain

By Ruth
July 15 2016

Posted in Employer Stories

There’s many different ways employers choose to host interns, but the key to success that we’ve seen over the past 10 years, is planning & preparation. Plus picking the right person!

Whether you bring a single intern into an established team, hire one or several interns at once, create new projects for them, or have a more traditional “graduate programme” style which exposes interns to all facets of your business… there’s no right or wrong!

Team Powershop

Powershop’s approach is to focus on a strong training and onboarding programme in the first few weeks of an internship, then deploying interns onto delivery teams:

Powershop have hired 14 interns through the Summer of Tech programme, and they have refined a unique training model to get the most out of interns within 3 months!

All newbies at Powershop start out working on the Devtrain. This is where they learn Ruby, Rails and Powershop coding practices. These practices include pair programming, how to give and receive in-depth code reviews, test-driven development, daily stand-ups and other Agile practices. For SoT interns, their time on the Devtrain, which normally spans 3 months, is condensed into one month.

Interns get to spend the remaining two months of the summer internship working on actual delivery teams, where they can continue their learning while doing important work and contributing to real features in Powershop applications.

Interns generally have the option to continue working part-time through the rest of their university career before hopefully joining the team, full-time.

For more about Powershop’s internship model, check out Pragya’s full blog post, here.

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