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Stories from the Class of 2016

By Ruth
January 27 2017

Posted in Employer Stories

As the summer of 2016/17 draws to a close, we’re sharing stories about internships!  From small companies to big ones, Dev/Ops to Design and everything in between, catch up with the Class of 2016:

Reuben Puketapu

Reuben at Koordinates

In Auckland, Reuben Puketapu worked as a Dev/Ops intern at Koordinates, read more about his experience learning about geospatial data and working with the team on their blog, here.

Sacha Judd and Tobie Jayme

Here’s Paul & Sacha alongside mentors Rob & Ian at our Summer of Tech 10th birthday party celebration in Wellington.

Sacha Judd and Tobie Jayme were designer/developer interns at Silverstripe as part of SoT2016.  Sacha’s story is here and  Tobie’s story is here.

Bryan & Simon

Bryan and Simon

Bryan & Simon spent a great summer working at EndGame, where joining a small team meant they had a lot of responsibility.

Both reported huge learning in technical skills but also being immersed in collaborative workflows.  It wasn’t just the interns that got value from Summer of Tech…

Mentoring and teaching are also great ways to learn as you need a deep understanding of a topic to teach it to someone else.

Read the full EndGame blog post here.


Jack at Tekron

We had a broad range of internships this year, including some great roles at hardware companies. Jack’s internship at Tekron focused on developing an automatic testing machine for one of their precision timing products, utilising his mechanical, electrical and software engineering skills.

Read Jack’s story here.

Lightning Talks

Check out Xero’s Auckland interns being “un-interned” at the end of summer.

Lightning Talks are a great way for interns to share back what they learned and what they contributed with the wider team. And it gives them some valuable presentation experience.

This blog post published by Xero at the start of summer has some great tips from the Xero team aimed at companies interested in hiring interns.  Xero have been supporting our programme since the very beginning, so they definitely know how to maximise the experience for everyone!

Thanks for sharing your internship stories, and thanks to your awesome mentors for the opportunity!

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