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Student Events

By Ruth
February 16 2017

Posted in Events

In spite of our name, most of our work with students happens long before summer internships begin. Our educational events run from March-August, with the goal of increasing the number of engaged, motivated, prepared, work-ready candidates for summer internships.

In 2016 we had over 1,000 unique attendees at student events in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. Events are free to students, and most have no restrictions on year of study or skill level.  They’re delivered by our amazing team of industry volunteers, who are sharing their knowledge and insights to give back to the tech community and support newbies into the industry.

Here’s a bit more detail about the kinds of events we run for students:


Bootcamps are 1-2 hour workshops or tech talks, delivered by industry volunteers. They provide an introduction, overview and context for a range of skills, technologies and tools that are in high demand in the New Zealand technology industry. Bootcamps are usually held on university campuses, in areas where we have employers and volunteers available to deliver them.

We focus on the skill areas that employers tell us need work! That means… lots of professional skills! Employers know that interns and graduates won’t have much in the way of technical expertise, they’re assuming they’ll have to teach on the job. What they want to see in a candidate is the right attitude, aptitude and motivation to learn.

Our professional skills bootcamps include Developer and Designer-specific CV and portfolio bootcamps, communication skills, interview skills, Agile, and more.

We do have technical topics in software development, digital design, testing, business analysis, security… etc, and the curriculum changes every year depending on employer feedback.

Here’s a snapshot of the bootcamp topics we covered in 2016:

Bootcamps vs topics

Career Clinics

Career Clinics are drop-in sessions for registered students to get 1:1 feedback on a range of career topics. We run CV and mock interview clinics (with real live employers helping out), and Office Hours where students can drop in and have a chat about career-related topics with industry volunteers.


Hackathons are 1 or 2 day events that happen during the weekend and provide a supportive space to put their learning into practice. Teams of students work alongside industry mentors to build a solution in response to a technical brief. Teams present their work at the end of the event.  Hackathons are a great way for students to gain practical experience and a portfolio project that demonstrates technical and team skills.

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