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WLG Create Camp – Team Hitch

By Ruth
August 4 2015

Posted in Events
Our premium student skills development event for code & design students in the programme is Create Camp, a 2 day API challenge for teams of SoT2015 students. They’re supported by industry mentors, and the challenge this year was to use at least one New Zealand-based API or dataset, and build something cool in a weekend, e.g. a web/mobile app or data visualisation.
Here’s the first in a series of team profiles from our Wellington Web Create Camp, held at Powershop on 1st & 2nd August 2015:

Team Hitch

Team Hitch

Team Hitch, with mentors: Steve from Powershop & Dan from Solnet

Team Hitch: Divya, Hannah, Reuben, Callum, Ellie
Lead Mentor: Steve from Powershop
App Name: Hitch
Market Problem/Solution: The team’s market research showed that there are many people who want to find rides from one place to another, and many others who are happy to offer rides. The research also showed that there isn’t an efficient way for drivers and would-be passengers to connect up, so the team built “Hitch”, a car pooling web app to fill that need.
Here’s a status update from their lead mentor, Steve, on Saturday:
Team Hitch tweets
Using the app, drivers can easily create rides, and passengers can find and ask to join those rides. With Java at the back-end and a custom-themed responsive Bootstrap front-end, the app even uses a SOAP API provided by checka.co.nz to verify vehicle details.
Steve P

Here’s Steve introducing Team Hitch to the judges & our  audience of VIP’s, including employers from the SoT2015 programme scouting for talented interns!

And here’s the slides from Team HITCH’s Final Presentation
Awesome work, team!!
And finally, during #Create Camp weekend we had an “appreciation wall”, where anyone could post up a word of #thanks, or appreciate some #beautiful code or an #epic or #legend achievement.  Check this out:
Team Hitch appreciation
All the photos from the event are up on Facebook, here.  The good ones were taken by our official photographer AND mentor AND SoT2014 alumnus, Olly.  The fuzzy ones were probably from random mobile phone cameras, snapped during the event by various people – thanks to everyone for images!


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