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WLG Create Camp – Team How Predictable

By Ruth
August 5 2015

Posted in Events
Our premium student skills development event for code & design students in the programme is Create Camp, a 2 day API challenge for teams of SoT2015 students. They’re supported by industry mentors, and the challenge this year was to use at least one New Zealand-based API or dataset, and build something cool in a weekend, e.g. a web/mobile app or data visualisation.
Here’s a run-down on one of the teams from our Wellington Web Create Camp, held at Powershop on 1st & 2nd August 2015:

Team How Predictable

Team How Predictable

Team: Designer (Jess), two back end developers (Liam and David), and two front end developers (Lena and Daniel).
Lead Mentor: Sam from Carnival Mobile
App Name: Thunder
Users/Problem: David’s dad, Peter, has a real pain when it comes to looking at his power bill. He frequently notices spikes in his power usage, but doesn’t know what’s contributing to them. He has a hunch that these spikes might be related to the weather in his city, but has no way of visualising the different data to know for sure. He’d love to be able to go back through a month’s use of power and check the spikes against historical weather data.

What Peter doesn’t know, is that a few suburbs away, uni student Brad is struggling with his power bill too. But Brad, unlike Peter, doesn’t have any idea where his usage spikes are coming from.  Brad isn’t sure what to do to get his bills under control, but we think we can help!
Team How Predictable

Solution: We wanted to use different data sets in a creative way. We combined weather data with the Powershop API to pass savings onto Powershop users.

Powershop packs are cheaper when you buy in bulk and ahead of time. We wanted our app to recognise patterns in weather and power usage, that would in turn help our user to capitalise on these savings. Our solution was a mobile responsive website which visualises data for the user.

Team How Predictable

In future: We can imagine this application being able to help with other external factors on power other than just weather, that would in turn also help the user save money. eg. holiday time and all the family arriving, the graph would ask you what happened here (at the spike) and possibly ask if you would like to plan ahead for this year if you are planning on having the family around again. This planning and forecasting feature would again allow the user to save money.

Sam Jarman


Carnival Mobile





This is snow joke, don’t let your power bill rain on your parade.

A big thanks to our mentor SAM, you’ve been awesome!

And here’s the slides from Team How Predictable’s final presentation.

Awesome work, team!!
All the photos from the event are up on Facebook, here.  The good ones were taken by our official photographer AND mentor AND SoT2014 alumnus, Olly.  The fuzzy ones were probably from random mobile phone cameras, snapped during the event by various people – thanks to everyone for images!


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