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How To Wrap Up Your Internship

By Galena Ilg
February 12 2021

Posted in Blog, Bootcamp Highlights

How To Wrap Up Your Internship

Thank you to ANZ for hosting and delivering this summer talk session. The ANZ team was facilitated by Steve Beckett (Technology Business Partner) and delivered by Angela Batistich (Technology Tribe Lead). They were joined by Alex Anstiss (Technology Graduate) and two current interns. Here’s their sage advice on how to wrap up your internship. 

Retain the network you built during your internship

Alex found that networking is vital to expand your knowledge into the industry. He recommends cultivating real and meaningful relationships with the people you meet. Developing your skills is as important as building your network – your connections can tell if you are motivated to grow in the industry. 

Seek opportunities through your network

Angela shared that using LinkedIn or other employment marketplaces is a good way to start. The best way is to reach out to the networks you have built during your internship. Alex added that it’s important to use a reference from your manager while searching for other opportunities. Build a good relationship with your mentor or manager – this can be invaluable as you search for new opportunities. They can give you feedback and introduce you to their network.

Consider your unique value as an employee

Anna Kirsanova (Business Analyst – Data & Analytics intern at ANZ) had several years of experience working in the hospitality industry before deciding to pursue a career in business. She applied the skills she gained during her time at hospitality and found it to be an important value she can offer in her current role. What special background do you bring to your role? Consider how this might benefit you in future roles as you wrap up your internship.

It’s okay to choose a new direction

The past 3 months should be a great sneak peek into the industry. Internships enable you to learn whether or not this is something that you would like to pursue in your career. Angela encourages interns to try new things and identify tasks that they like and dislike. She pointed out that many people think that changing a career path is something to be frowned upon. She believes career changes are definitely okay regardless of where you are in your professional journey.

Thank you to Steve, Angela, Alex, and the ANZ interns for sharing your awesome advice. We hope it helped. Looking for more advice on wrapping up your internship? Click here to learn more about securing a permanent role with your organization.

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