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Bootcamps 2016

By Ruth
July 29 2016

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Sometimes we joke that the real name for our programme should be Winter of Tech… Summer is when our interns do the hard yards, but for the SoT team, 80% of our work happens way before then!

Since the first week of the 2016 academic year, we have been rather busy with bootcamps.

“Busy”, you say? Please explain…

Let’s unpack “busy” for you…  some stats (to end of July, we still have a bunch of stuff left in the programme, but here’s what we’ve been up to in the past 5 months):

154 industry volunteers have delivered 106 Bootcamps since March 2016

3,111 attendees have received 494,659 hours of FREE professional development through SoT bootcamps so far this year

Here’s a snapshot of topics we’ve covered:

SoT2016 Professional Skills Bootcamps

SoT2016 Professional Skills Bootcamps


SoT2016 Design Bootcamps

SoT2016 Design Bootcamps


SoT2016 Code Bootcamps

SoT2016 Code Bootcamps

What are “SoT Bootcamps”?

Our bootcamps are short, sharp introductory workshops designed to inspire students and kick-start their tech careers. We aim to support the necessary technical and professional skills so students become work-ready for the local NZ tech industry before they graduate. SoT Bootcamps are 1-2 hours long, and happen in the evenings or lunchtimes.  They’re free for students. Some are talks, some are practical, hands on workshops.

Everything we do at Summer of Tech is designed to increase the number of work-ready grads for the NZ tech industry. The ultimate success is paid internships for students, but we have a much wider reach and bigger impact through the industry-led training that happens during SoT Bootcamps.

Students from any NZ tertiary institution are welcome to register & attend.  They can do this here. Attending SoT bootcamps is a huge extra time commitment on top of the usual academic programme, part time work, family life, etc etc. We are hugely impressed & grateful when students give up their time to attend bootcamps, and strive to make them interesting, relevant & useful.  The SoT bootcamp programme has evolved & changed over 10 years, and we refresh it constantly based on demand & advice from local tech employers.

We know from experience that attending industry events, connecting with the technologies, processes & tools that are being used NOW in local businesses, and generally showing yourself to be interested in these things… have great outcomes for students. Through our bootcamp programme, we’re breaking down barriers between students and industry. So many jobs in NZ are based on “who you know”, so for students, attending SoT bootcamps is a great way to meet industry people and find out what their jobs & organisations are like.

Who is behind the SoT Bootcamps?

Volunteers. Amazing, kind, generous, talented people from our local Tech industry. We could not deliver this programme HUGE SHOUT OUT to our volunteers who make the SoT programme happen.

Here’s just a few of them:

SoT Volunteers

Our team of bootcamp presenters are amazingly generous, talented industry volunteers who give their time to help students bridge the gap between education and their first job.

Our team of bootcamp wranglers are amazingly generous, talented students who give their time to help run the events on various campuses in Auckland & Wellington.

Speaking of campuses, we couldn’t deliver our bootcamps without the support of the tertiaries who host us! We really appreciate the partnerships we have with Victoria University, University of Auckland, Yoobee Wellington, AUT, Whitireia, Massey Wellington, Waikato University and WelTec. Thank you for welcoming us into your space, and working with us to support students into their careers.

The SoT bootcamp programme complements and extends the academic programme that is offered by NZ’s great tertiary institutions. We’re here to help infuse some up-to-the-minute industry perspective & inspiration, bringing students face to face with what’s happening right now in NZ’s top tech companies.

We would LOVE the opportunity to run more bootcamps in more NZ locations. We’re hoping to be able to do that next year. In the meantime, a lot of bootcamp material is available to registered SoT students through the Event Resources page in our website.

The SoT2016 programme culminates in our Meet & Greet recruitment events, which are coming up in September.  But we have a bunch more bootcamps happening between now and then!

THANK YOU, we couldn’t do this good work without…

…our amazing SoT2016 bootcamp sponsors, volunteers & supporters who make this programme possible!!!!

2016 Bootcamp Sponsors

SoT2016 Bootcamp Sponsors


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