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SoT2019 Report

By Trent Mankelow
January 9 2020

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Here’s what happened during our programmes in 2019 (click on any of the images to enlarge them if they are hard to read).

We saw good year-on-year growth both in terms of interns placed (up 42% year-on-year) and the number of employers taking part (up 27% year-on-year):

Unfortunately, in any given year we only place between 1-in-6 and 1-in-7 students in an internship. Only about half of registered students go on to create a profile (consistent with previous years):

We ran fewer bootcamps in 2019, although average attendance was up and we had fewer no-shows:

To our surprise, most of our interns aren’t in their final year, showing that employers are willing to take a punt on students who are still completing their degrees:


Interns earnt an average of $23.67 per hour:

95% of 2019 internships were in Wellington or Auckland…:

…so it’s no surprise that Victoria University and the University of Auckland supplied the most number of interns:

Interns were hired by employers from a variety of industries:

Interns were employed in a variety of roles, but Developers remain the most in-demand:

Compared to 2018, when we analyse all the roles we’ve seen growth in Python (up 43% year-on-year), Java (up 14%), SQL (up 11%) and Agile (up 11%). JavaScript still remains the most in-demand skill from employers:

In 2019 we saw the proportion of interns who identify as female, neither or both genders, or who chose not to disclose, grow to 43%:

Finally, as always we are hugely grateful to our sponsors and partners for making our programmes possible:

You can find reports from past years here.

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