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Microsoft Seminar

By Ruth
December 7 2006

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Microsoft Creative Industries Seminar ‘Expand your horizons.

Creative HQ’s Optimal Usability space was packed out yesterday as leading Microsoft gurus Ray Stephenson, Leon Brown, Neil Hutson and Ron Preston came to address and introduce new technologies, such as Microsoft Expression Web (live) and Microsoft Expression Blend, to develop a taste of the audiences attitudes towards their new and existing products and to grasp the direction of the markets current flow. The Microsoft leaders came armed with free copies of Vista and token pens, to our interns delight.

dsc_0072.JPGLeon Brown explained that while Microsoft and design may seem an unusual combination, due to an apparent incompatibility of the two elements in the past, Microsoft have been taking steps to increase usability by attempting to unify the design and development process. XAML aims to tie these two together. Emphasis was placed on how the products enhance ‘user experience,’ pertain to the ‘craft’ of building, and aim to create ‘a richer web.’

While the new products aim to make things ‘user friendly’ for developers, Summer of Code Intern Shoaib Ali noted that for a developer already fluent on alternative systems and tools, the time one would need to spend to become familiar with the new products was probably not worth the proposed benefits. Intern for ProjectX, Matt Campbell-Smith noted that theproducts did not appear to address or fill any existing needs he has with regards to development so he will probably stick to his old favourites.

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