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Bootcamp Highlights – How different companies interview

By Catherine Byrne
September 6 2018

Posted in Student Resources

Guest Blog by Randy Slocum

From Air New Zealand to PushPay, each company has their own way of interviewing.

The first step is usually a preliminary CV review. Each company wants a tailored CV, so take the time to carefully edit your CV for each role.

Interviews can include questions ranging from technical to cultural, but their point is to reveal your thought process. Use the STAR method to ensure concise and powerful answers. Researching the company through reading company press releases or annual reports is a good idea.

Next is typically a technical interview, where your technical and problem solving skills can shine. Mostly this is used to show your analytical skill. Showing your entire process clearly, and asking for help when you need it will help you shine in this portion.

The final part is meeting the team. This is used to ensure that you’re a great cultural fit. The interactions you have with your group is essential, so make sure you present yourself professionally and amicably. Each interview process is different, but that’s just because they are tailored to each company’s core values. Find a company that aligns with yours, and you’re halfway to a job!

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