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Bootcamp Highlights: IT@KiwiBank

By Ella Halstead
August 27 2019

Posted in Bootcamp Highlights, Student Resources

Kiwibank held a bootcamp for us to get a glimpse of what internships they were offering and what makes Kiwibank a great IT workplace. The evening was hosted by a large cast of Kiwibank employees which included Vikash, Herve, Karthik, Khoda, Cassey, Jannat and Igor.

We were first informed about the structure of the IT department at Kiwibank which focused on working in an agile environment. The use of scrum and kanban were common in the office. When working on projects, squads of 4-8 people are formed which contain a mix of developers, analysts and testers.

Culture is very important to Kiwibank as they have been accredited both the gender and rainbow tick. Making sure that everyone in the office feels welcome and safe plays a big part in their family-like attitude between one another. Jannat mentioned that it was important for all of us to “always go in with an open mind. Embrace the bad and welcome the good”.

The summer internships available at Kiwibank this year includes:

– Software Developer Intern

– Technical Analyst Intern

– Test Analyst Intern

– Test Engineer Intern

If you are lucky enough to land one of these internships this summer, you will be joining the wonderful team at Auckland Kiwibank at their new offices on Fanshawe Street!

“We’re not only a bank, we’re a family. Come and see who we are what we do.”

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