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Bootcamp Highlights – Sketch Masterclass

By Ruth
August 3 2018

Posted in Bootcamp Highlights, Student Resources

Guest post from Kimberley Hayward

Building on from the Summer of Tech event Sketch 101, which was held a couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have Maia Visnovsky from Alphero come to the Victoria Design School for Sketch Masterclass. At this bootcamp we looked into the design tool Sketch and how it can be used for usability testing by making interactive prototypes.

To kick of the night, we all gathered around to listen to Maia talk about the importance of prototyping, as well as share with us some tips and tricks for when it comes to usability testing. She told us about how important it is to make sure you’re testing your prototypes on people who fit in with your target audience as early as possible, and to concentrate on making sure the usability sessions you hold are high in quality not necessarily quantity. Five well planned and thought out usability sessions will often find the majority of the usability problems that exist in a prototype. She then walked us through a small prototype made in Sketch, showing us how navigating between screens can be done in different ways to result in a hands-on experience for the tester.

After this the students got to try it out for themselves, creating their own prototypes and experimenting with different features and functions, such as the navigation techniques Maia had shown. By the end of the event some pretty cool prototypes had been made by students, demonstrating the skills Maia had introduced.

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