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Bootcamp Highlights: Software’s Next Top Model at Orion Health

By Ella Halstead
August 27 2019

Posted in Bootcamp Highlights, Student Resources

Written by Connor Mattson

Orion Health has offices in 15 countries and handles over 100 million patient records. None of this would be possible without careful, deliberate design. On the 6th August, Johnny McDade hosted “Software’s Next Top Model” at the Orion Health offices. Johnny, with the help of other Orion Health staff, gave an introduction to design and talked about its use at the company.

What is design? Design is all the decisions, constraints, and variables that go into a solution. It is a fundamental human action and is best summed up as the intentional creation of things. It is important to consider context in design; an example of this is the collection of unusual and unique houses in Japan. Without context these houses seem out of place, but Japan’s real estate market is wildly different from our own and there, houses are often considered an extension of one’s personality.

Within the tech industry, design is often considered to be just UML diagrams, but the Orion Health team discussed other paradigms such as requirements modelling. From this, we split into groups and designed our own solutions to a problem. Along with solutions, we developed a comprehensive model, ideally one that could be given to a developer and tell them everything needed to build a product. Working with mentors, each group came up with a solution and at the end we were given the chance to present.

During presentations, Orion Health staff asked questions about edge cases or technical considerations. It was great to see students apply what they’d learnt in previous bootcamps and interesting to see the similarities and differences between designs.

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