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Bootcamp Highlights: UoA Intro Session

By Ella Halstead
March 30 2020

Posted in Bootcamp Highlights, Student Resources

Written by Yekti Crow

We started the bootcamp with a presentation from Catherine. She gave an overview on SoT, our programme, our activity calendar and how students can join our community.

This presentation was followed by alumni panel, where we were joined by Verionika Koreiba and Sean Lee who both just completed their internship through SoT. Stefanee Cua, Associate UX Researcher at Pushpay, who did an internship through SoT 2 years ago also joined the panel. There were about 100 students attended this session, it was very lively and engaging.

Veronika shared to the students her experience in doing 2 Meet & Greets in Wellington and Auckland. Her biggest piece of advice was “I do not recommend you to talk only to the companies that you wish to work for at Meet & Greets, I did that once and it was a big mistake. Talk to companies that are not on your list and keep an open mind. I was surprised with the new knowledge I gained by talking to that many companies, instead of only focusing on the ones that I wanted to”.

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