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Bootcamp Highlights – WelTec & Whitireia 2020 launch

By Ruth
March 16 2020

Posted in Bootcamp Highlights, Student Resources

We had a HUGE turnout for our 2020 programme launch at WelTec/Whitireia’s Petone campus last week, thanks to everyone who came along!

Ruth introduced the programme and how it works, then our alumni panel shared their tips, here’s the highlights:


Had an awesome summer at Kiwiwealth, and is still working part time while she’s completing her study.

Nadine’s number one tip is to attend bootcamps, even if you don’t get a job, you get free professional development!

She also said that communication skills were the key to getting an interview, and getting the job, so don’t neglect ’em! Her top bootcamp was the mock interviews, where real employers let you practice and give you feedback on your interview skills.

Nadine also recommends getting a bit ahead of your school work before SoT’s recruitment season, as it can be a very busy time and you don’t want to be stressed out about deadlines and making time for interviews if you have lots.


Also had a great summer, working as a front end developer for Timely, she reckons it was a dream internship!

Helen’s top tip is to start working on side projects now, it will give you plenty of time to build something cool.

She had a couple of apps ready to show on her phone at Meet & Greet, and this was a GREAT icebreaker, and a great way to show her work to potential employers.


Also had a great summer, working as a test analyst at Loyalty NZ… and her contract has been extended, so she’s still there!

Was unable to attend many events, because she was based in Tauranga. Emerald sent a cover letter to Meet & Greet, and it worked, she got one interview… and got the job!

Emerald’s top tip was to prepare well! Research the company, sign up to their product if you can, find out as much about them as you can before the interview. And practice for the interview! Once again, Emerald reinforced the message that communication skills were more important than technical skills in getting her internship.

Finally, Emerald forgot to mention during the session but wanted me to pass on: this was her 2nd year in Summer of Tech, and she learnt a lot by not getting a job the first year! So don’t give up, take the feedback on board, and things might line up for you next time.


Thanks to our awesome alumni for sharing their experience, thanks to the 103 (!!) students who attended, and of course to Ian Hunter, our campus host for helping with crowd control, extra chairs, and pizza distribution.


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