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CV 101 by Trade Me

By Galena Ilg
July 21 2021

Posted in Bootcamp Highlights, Student Resources

The wonderful team at Trade Me this bootcamp at both Victoria University of Wellington and at the University of Auckland. These CV 101 bootcamps provided a solid introduction to writing a CV/Resume that employers want to read. Students received direct advice from speakers who are highly experienced with hiring employees. They covered the dos and don’ts of a good CV – from an employer’s perspective!

The team started the bootcamp with an ice-breaker activity – a CV-centred quiz. Who knew that the average recruiter only spends 6 seconds looking at a CV?!

Key Points for Writing a CV

Suggested CV Structure and tips

  1. Name: Use the name you want to be called
  2. Personal details: Have a professional voicemail and email address
  3. Social Media: Make personal accounts private e.g Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Employers can check them!
  4. Objective (where you see yourself in the industry): What you are looking for and why?
  5. Skillset: Include a mix of both core and technical skills
  6. Academic qualifications and certifications: List education starting with the most recent.
  7. Work experience: List experience from jobs and internships. Doesn’t have to be paid so can be volunteer work as well.
  8. Achievements: This can be part of work experience or academic record.
  9. Interests in and outside uni: Showcase your interest. Something that interests an employer here may be the reason you get an interview
  10. Referee details: Don’t use family or friends. Make sure you get permission to put people down as a referee.

Thank you to Trade Me and their wonderful presenters Carrie O’Meara-Malcolm (Head of Talent), Daphne Bisset, and Wytske Garty (Senior Talent Acquisition Consultants) for delivering such an informative and engaging bootcamp!

The resources and slides of this bootcamp can be accessed in the Summer of Tech events page!

Written by Yekti Crow

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