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The early bird gets the job

By John
March 14 2017

Posted in Student Resources

We’d like to share one key stat from the data of the 2016 Summer of Tech programme. We were looking for any trends around when a student signs up, and does the time of sign up have any affect on getting a job.

We found something really interesting…

66% of the Students who got jobs, signed up before May!


We were curious as to why so many who got jobs signed up early. We did some digging and found two key results:

  1. Students who signed up early attended 5 more bootcamps than those who didn’t get a job.
  2. Students who got jobs had their CV and profile reviewed by someone from industry in May. They were able to make changes to their CV/profile before a real employer looked at their profiles, which significantly helped them make a good first impression.

There you have it! Definitive proof that signing up and participation does in fact lead to a job.

Sign up and get working on your profile today !!!




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