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How to Slack with SoT in 2021

By Ruth
February 19 2021

Posted in Student Resources

We’ve set up a Slack channel for real-time chat amongst participants in our 2021 bootcamps.  Here’s a few tips for users:

What is Slack?

Slack is a real-time message forum that we’re using for communication before/during & after our Bootcamps.  Our Slack is for students who are registered for Summer of Tech in 2021 to get support with bootcamps and other questions relating to our 2021 programme.

Bootcamp presenters have the OPTION of being in Slack. They may choose not to use it, and that’s ok 🙂 SoT mentors can choose to be in Slack to help out with technical questions about their topic areas.

We’ve chosen Slack as a platform because many of our employers use it for their teams. It has channels for different topics, and the ability to send a direct message to other users. It’s a great chance to get familiar with how this message forum works, connect with the Summer of Tech community.

More about Slack here

Slack Logo

How do I join?

Once you’re registered as a student for the Summer of Tech 2021 programme, you can sign up to attend our Events. When you register for a Summer of Tech event, you’ll be sent an invitation link to join our 2021 Slack workspace.

Look out for the invitation in your email inbox.  That would be the email inbox that is the one you’ve used for your Summer of Tech registration 😉

If you need help, get in touch with the SoT team via Intercom (send a DM when you’re logged into our platform) or via our contact form.

Once you’re in the Slack, you can pop your inquiries or questions in the #sot_helpdesk channel. Please note that our team is not online 24/7 and will answer at our earliest availability!

How does it work?

When you receive the invitation, follow the link to join Slack, then jump into the “channel” which has been set up for the bootcamp you’re attending.

During (and sometimes after) the bootcamp, students can ask questions, and presenters can share resources & tips related to the bootcamp topic.

Anything else I should know?

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