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How to survive your company Christmas party

By Ella Halstead
December 12 2019

Posted in Student Resources

Despite the cheery decorations and a somewhat unconvincing Santa Claus, the corporate Christmas party can be a daunting time. Especially if you’re new to the office, navigating, well, Navidad, is a bit of a challenge. How many drinks should you have? Can you talk to the big boss like it’s no big deal? No stress – we’re putting your festive fears to rest with our guide on how to survive your company Christmas party.

Take the opportunity to chat to new people!

The beauty of a Christmas party is that it’s a chance to mingle with people outside of your team. If you’re in a small company, this is less relevant as your desk is likely a few feet from the C.E.O, but for bigger companies this is a somewhat rare occasion. Grab the bull by the horns, and go say hi to that guy from HR. You never know, that connection could be useful in the future and now you’ve got one more friendly face in the office!

Don’t talk work…too much.

You’re at work 40 hours a week, so take this time to remove yourself from desk life for a few hours. You might discover your office neighbour has the exact same taste in music as you, and boom! you’ve got yourself a new gig buddy. There’s lots more to your workmates than Slack gifs and email threads, so take the chance to find out more about them over free alcohol and mini mince pies.

Speaking of alcohol…

Moderation is your best friend when it comes to alcohol in a work setting. Although free alcohol is tempting, know your limits and stick to them! There’s nothing worse than coming to work on a Monday morning and wondering why everyone’s looking at you funny. You could have sworn that nothing happened at the Christmas party, although your memory is kinda fuzzy…

Have fun!

Most importantly – have a good time! Although these are tips on how to survive your company Christmas party, it’s important to also just relax and enjoy yourself. These events are supposed to be fun, so get in the Christmas spirit and think about what you’re going to ask Santa for this year.

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