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Trade Me Internship – My Summer of Tech

By Ella Halstead
January 19 2020

Posted in Student Resources, Student Stories
By Hannah Reid
Hannah Reid, who got an internship at Trade Me

My name is Hannah Reid. I studied for four years at Massey University, Wellington, and finished with a Bachelor of Industrial Design with honours. I am originally from the BOP, Tauranga. Through Summer of Tech, I got a design internship at Trade Me in 2019.


How did you hear about Summer of Tech/Biz? 
I heard about SOT when googling internships and graduate roles. It came up on my google, so I clicked and stated doing a bit of reading
What was the process like getting your job? 
The process wasn’t easy, you definitely had to work hard to get to the final outcome. But it is definitely worth it in the end. I went to a lot of events both in Wellington and Auckland, even made the effort to fly up on my own terms. It also makes life easy when you throw yourself in the deep end, you meet more people you wouldn’t of met before and learn a lot.
What’s the coolest thing you’ve done so far in your internship? 
Fly down to Wellington and meet the awesome Trade Me team down there. Also completing jobs and seeing them live on the website.
What’s something that has surprised you about your job? 
I did not think I would end up with a Trade Me internship, that’s surprising for me itself. Perhaps the awesome benefits I did not know about prior to applying and the different jobs that I get given I would never of thought doing.
What’s something you’ve learned whilst in your internship? 
I’ve learnt that you should give everything a go that is asked. Who knows where it could take you. I’ve also learnt that everyone else wants you to try hard and everyone is willing to help you out with anything you have struggle with.
What are your plans for the future e.g career or uni wise? 
I plan to stick with my job for around 2-3 years, gain as much experience as I can and learn as much as I can. I would love to develop my experience level as a designer before leaving. The only reason to leave the job is for travel, I would love to see what the world has to offer and give my experience I have learned with trade me elsewhere where I can. Eventually, I would love to take the skills I learn here and start my own business as future career plans.
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