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No job (yet)? Tips for late applications

By Ruth
October 27 2020

Posted in Student Resources

It’s a mixture of joy and sadness this time of year, the joy that over 300 people have confirmed summer internships, and the sadness that we have over 2,000 candidates still looking for roles. The reality of the NZ job market is that it is tough to find those entry-level roles, and while we wish we had jobs for everyone, SoT is a competitive process.

can't get a job

Here’s our top tips for people still looking for summer internships:

Keep applying!!!

Take some time to reflect on your experience and adapt how you approach future job applications based on what you’ve learned. Keep applying for roles. Remember to customise your CV so that it’s aligned with each role you apply for.

Ask for feedback

If you have an opportunity to ask for feedback especially if you had an interview but didn’t progress to the next round, that can be super helpful for future job hunting. If you had a job interview that you felt went really well, employers can offer insight into what you could improve on next time! Also remember that there are 2,500 candidates in the Summer of Tech platform, so employers had some really hard choices to make.

Get advice

Career advisors and mentors usually can be accessed through your tertiary institution, and can provide really helpful advice about what to do next in your job hunt. They can also give you feedback on your CV, cover letter and interview techniques. Recruitment agencies can also be helpful in providing you with advice about your field.

Look after yourself!

We know job hunting can be very stressful, but it’s important to keep looking after yourself! We have a blog post¬†here¬†about how to manage stress while looking for a job.

Need help?

The recruitment process can be very stressful and overwhelming. Reach out to your peers, your advisors, to the SoT team, it can help to talk to someone about how you’re feeling! You can free-call or text 1737 to chat to a trained counsellor any time:

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