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The geeks of ANZ! – International Geek Week

By Ella Halstead
August 11 2020

Posted in Student Resources

To celebrate International Geek Week, we have partnered with ANZ to show off all the different kinds of geeks you can be! We’re introducing six self-proclaimed geeks from the ANZ office, who all do some pretty awesome stuff in their spare time.  

Hayden Tresch – Experience Designer/Gamer Geek

I am definitely a gamer geek. I’ve been playing video games since the early days of old PC booter games. Now I’m a Twitch streamer where I stream games for an audience to watch and also create YouTube Videos.

One of my biggest geek out moments was probably the announcement of Avengers: End Game and the way they did the trailer / teasers.

My currently role at ANZ is Experience Designer. I basically get to create and edit videos / illustrations for internal ANZ. Anything from Tech Tips (self-help) videos, to announcement videos.

Most of my days are spent behind the camera recording and editing videos in Premiere Pro.


Kyle Pontifex – Platform Lead Core Banking/Sports Geek

I used to play a lot of Hockey, I was in the national hockey team for around 15 years while also being able to pursue a technology career at ANZ. As long as I can remember I have enjoyed playing sport and being active. Playing at the London Olympics in 2012 would have to be my sports geek highlight!

Having worked as a technical engineer during my playing days I have moved in to leadership now where I get to work with the amazing team that look after the core banking system at ANZ, the core system is the heart of our technology stack so it is great to be a part of all of our banking innovations.


international geek week - Kiriti Kishore

Kiriti Kishore – Business Analyst/Fun Fact Geek

I am a Fun Facts geek, which basically means I love to tell people about little tid bits of knowledge that I’ve learnt along the way. The universe is filled with so much to learn and explore, and I think that’s sort of why I like entertaining people with these facts. It inspires curiosity in people and allows us to take a break and think about what else there is besides our little bubble. A lot of the facts I learn I get from our slack groups that we have in ANZ, including #bookclub, #musicforall, #geekstuff #gamingforall etc, and at the daily quiz we have on our floor. Recently I’ve been really getting into dad jokes, which is a spinoff from fun facts, and I love seeing the reaction from people when I tell a really cringe one – its a fun way to finish off a meeting. Here’s a fun fact for you all – did you know that our moon has moonquakes?

I’m a Business Analyst working in the omnichannel assisted space in Technology. We’re working on standing up salesforce, a customer relationship management tool in the bank that will help our customers and frontline staff to receive quality customer borrowing and advice. I work with amazing squads that allow me to grow and learn every single day. Our squads work hard, but we play even harder and love an intense table tennis match most days.


international geek week - pippa dobbin

Pippi Dobbin – BA graduate/Social Geek

I’m a social geek. I love going out and hanging out with friends. Around the office I’m super social and friendly and love meeting new people. Outside of work, I am also often found being social and can always be found out with my friends on a weekend night. I can’t remember when I first started being like this, I guess I always have been.

At ANZ,  I currently work as a graduate BA in the IT strategy team. I love my role because it means I get to interact with and hang out with so many different people.

International Geek Week - Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell – Senior Manager Digital Platforms/Music Geek

I am a music geek – I make electronic dance music , can play the drums, keyboards and guitar. Check out Max’s new album ‘Spirit Level’ here

In my role at ANZ I am working across all the digital platforms dealing platform health, stability , sustainability, delivery management, release management, audit…the list goes on!

Anthony Watson – GM Technology Operations/Foodie & Brew Geek

I brew and cook (a lot)! I’ve been brewing for about four years and cooking for 12 – I enjoy hosting family and friends for dinner with meat that I’ve cooked sous vide, I even placed in the ANZ Tech cooking competition during lockdown!

I lead Tech Operations – which basically runs all key infrastructure platforms and services across the bank .

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