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The key to company culture is…cake!?

By Ruth
August 24 2020

Posted in Student Resources

Celebrating success is a piece of cake!

Whether a success is big, small or somewhere-in-between, Lyniate knows how to celebrate it. The key is cake! It has become part of the company culture to bring out a cake when there’s something to celebrate, and then put a photo of the cake on the creatively-named ‘Cake Wall’. Although it seems like just a fun quirk, celebrating team successes is an incredibly important part of a supportive team culture. Celebration of the little (or big) wins motivates employees to do the best job they can! It also creates a positive work environment, where everyone feels supported and encouraged. Cake is a great way to celebrate success, and Lyniate’s Cake Wall creates a permanent memory of a happy work moment. 

Connection is sweet!

At Lyniate, cake doesn’t just help to celebrate successes, it also brings the team together! When there’s a cake, it becomes an office-wide affair. Work gets put on hold for a few minutes for the cake-cutting and eating celebrations. This is a great way to catch up with everyone, and brings all the different teams together. Having a mix of work and fun is key to a great working culture. You’re most likely going to be with your colleagues for 40 hours a week, so it’s important to socialise with them outside of meetings! Making time for small social activities during the workday (like eating cake!) can be super helpful for forming work friendships and having a fun working environment. 

Customs are the icing on the cake

When you average a whopping 8 cakes a month, you need to have some sort of a cake-celebration process. At Lyniate, there is a designated Cake Cutter, Cake Photographer and a Cake Documenter. These roles go to the newest members of the team, so everyone gets a go at some point! It’s like a cake rite of passage. Creating strong sets of customs at work is helpful for creating a sense of team pride and togetherness. These ‘rites of passage’, which can be as small as cutting a cake, can make new employees feel like they’re part of the established team. Lyniate’s cake culture is inclusive and builds pride in their company for being a bit unique!

You can have your cake & eat it too!

Lyniate is the new home of Corepoint and Rhapsody. They create interoperability solutions for a huge range of healthcare organisations, and do some pretty awesome work, which you can read more about here. All summer internship roles at Lyniate will be found on their company profile here. N.B. You must be a registered student to access the Summer of Tech job listings. 

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