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What makes a good SoT student profile?

By Ruth
June 3 2016

Posted in Student Resources

It’s time to complete your SoT2016 Profile! We’ve asked for some student profile tips from an expert… this is a guest post by Roseanna Grundy, SoT2015 intern:

Profiles are a KEY part of Summer of Tech; most employers will “meet” you for the first time through your profile. All your Summer of Tech activity and data lives there. Your profile shows your skills, event attendance, references, documents. These things provide proof that you are a good candidate.

Here's the framework for your SoT Student Profile

Here’s the framework for your SoT Student Profile

Profiles are important and it’s worth improving yours!

What do you need to do on your profile? Confirm that you have the technical and interpersonal skills to be an awesome intern. How? Write words! Don’t underestimate the effect of words. Communicate who you are. Your goal is to make employers think “This person sounds interesting, we should talk with them!”.

Your profile is no place to be modest or play down your achievements – if you tend to do this, you know who you are… catch yourself!




And here's the result! Thanks for sharing your tips, Roseanna!

And here’s Roseanna’s SoT2015 profile! Thanks for sharing your tips, Roseanna!

More Profile Tips & Links

The “cover letter” or “Why Hire Me” section is often the trickiest to write. Here’s a link to John Clegg’s tips about makes an interesting cover letter for SoT employers.

We encourage software developers to have an active code portfolio so that employers can check out your code. Here’s a link to what makes an attractive Github profile.

We’ve run heaps of SoT bootcamps already this year to help with CV’s, SoT Profiles, Design Portfolios, and how to use Github. Registered SoT2016 students can check out videos, slide decks & other resources from past bootcamps by signing into our website, and checking out resources from past events, here.

If you’ve got a really really short attention span, you’ll find our top 4 tips for CV’s here.

An awesome professional profile photo makes a big difference for SoT, and for other career profiles (like LinkedIn). Here’s our tips on what works best for profile photos.

Did you know… this year, SoT employers are trying out a redacted search. We’re encouraging them to make their first search of student candidates an anonymous one. This means that they can search on technical skills, and the resulting profiles come without a photo or any identifying information. Why would we do this? To help encourage diversity, and help them search widely & deeply through ALL our amazing student profiles, to uncover people they might not have considered before. If you’re interested in the topic of unconscious bias and why we’re working hard to overcome it… here’s a link to more info.

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