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ANZ intern’s transition from uni to work

By Ruth
April 20 2020

Posted in Student Stories

Written by Chris Corbett

I thought I’d share my experience as an ANZ intern through the Summer of Tech programme – definitely the best transition a grad could ask for from university to work after completing a BSc in Computer Science & Information Systems at Victoria University.

Why did I apply? 

I’d heard great things about ANZ, particularly the friendly, flexible and respectful environment. It’s the biggest tech shop in NZ, so I knew there’d be many different avenues to explore and pursue my AI interests – a subject I specialised in at Vic.

First impressions? 

I was nervous on my first day, but knowing the other 25 interns were in the same boat helped me relax going into the two-day group induction. The excitement shadowed any jitters I had!

What did I get to do as an ANZ intern? 

I got my feet wet from day one, but the water was warm.

I was selected to work within the Operational Tools & Services team (OTS) using monitoring systems and development tools to help deliver value to teams working with different applications, systems and insights across the bank.

As an Automation Analyst within OTS, we’re all about implementing more efficient and effective ways to get a job done. One of my major projects has been automating ANZ’s customer feedback channels – social media, app store reviews, surveys, emails, etc. This data collection process is currently done manually – however by automating it, we can feed it directly into an analytics and visualisation tool in real time, which allows the stakeholder to redistribute the time saved to where it matters most – helping our customers.

Difficulty factor? 

There’s obviously many formalities and admin that need to be done in the first week or two, but it was nicely broken up with many different opportunities for learning and laughs – everyone was incredibly welcoming, helpful and kind.

After getting to know the ropes, I felt instantly involved and delivering value to the team – from talking to stakeholders, researching exciting topics, and coding actual solutions.

Where to next? 

This ANZ internship has been such a great way to get the gist of life outside of tertiary walls, and has given me awesome opportunities moving forward. I’ve also received a place on ANZ’s graduate programme which is very exciting and will give me the opportunity to explore and diversify my skill set by working in different areas across the bank.

My recommendation? 

I cannot describe how much the culture at ANZ was not what I expected. ANZ are flexible, fun, and have made me want to stay.

It’s definitely not all work work work – it rarely feels close. There are so many opportunities to learn new skills, listen to very smart people, dive into technologies you’ve never heard of or broaden your experience with those you have. Not only that, but intern activities are abundant and it’s ridiculous how much leeway they give you to enjoy yourself.

Key takeouts? 

Don’t be afraid to move sideways. Take all opportunities that come your way. Play the intern card.

For now, I’ve got to sign off… last week we took part in the AWS DeepRacer event – a fantastic hands on experience with machine learning, training a 1/18th scale race car around a race track. Our ANZ team won so we’re off to celebrate …

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