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How To Find Confidence During Your Internship

By Galena Ilg
May 7 2021

Posted in Student Stories

How to find confidence in your internship

How can clear communication change the game in a new internship? James and Margaret both interned at Orion Health this past summer. They shared their experience with us and highlighted the importance of connecting with the people around you in a new role. 

Meet the locals

Getting to know your team members = an investment in your internship experience. “The highlight of this internship has been the people,” James said. “On my first day of the internship, my assigned buddy took me on a four-hour office tour. We visited the different teams, the department leaders, and just had a talk with them. I learned that everyone in the office is so open. They’ll answer any question.” We know it can be overwhelming to be an intern in a larger organization, but making the effort to meet the locals will pay dividends.

Stand up, speak out

Here at Summer of Tech, we love to celebrate awesome mentorship. James and Margaret are no stranger to its impact. They have learned that in an internship, communication should go both ways. “My mentor taught me not to be fearful of speaking up if you think something is wrong,” explains Margaret. “If you avoid saying what you need to say, it’s lost forever.” For James, it’s all about Qs and As. “I’ve learned to not be afraid to ask questions. It doesn’t matter what it is or if it feels dumb – you’ve just got to ask.”

Choose an organisation that reflects your values 

“I took the internship because I’d heard that Orion Health is one of the most supportive environments for an intern or new employee,” says Margaret. And it holds true – “These guys are super supportive. No matter what stupid question you ask, they are willing to answer it without being condescending. That’s something I really admire and respect about the company.” 

Use a great internship platform… like Summer of Tech!

Of course, we know you’ve got to practice what you preach. So we asked the big question – how well have we communicated? “Applying through the website is so easy,” offers James. “There’s no fuss when applying, you just click a button.” And Margaret’s take – “They answered my questions when I had any doubts, and they answered frankly. It was seamless.”

Whether you are a student, employer, mentor, or intern, the writing is on the wall. Clear and open communication keeps things easy! Thank you to James and Margaret for having a chat with us about, well… having a chat. We hope you learned from their wisdom as much as we did!

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