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Intern Profile – Colton Vermilyea

By Ruth
February 17 2016

Posted in Student Stories

Next up in our profiles of Summer of Tech 2015 interns: Colton!  He worked at Catalyst IT as an Infrastructure Developer during SoT2015/16.

His top tip for students in the programme:

Don’t be afraid to look at internships that may seem slightly out of your league! Employers don’t expect interns to know it all – they’re taking you on as an investment. Internships provide awesome opportunities for learning.

Colton Vermilyea

How did you hear about Summer of Tech and why did you decide to apply?

I heard about Summer of Tech from fellow students. I wanted to be involved with the tech industry in Wellington and learn in the process.

What was your experience of the recruitment process?

Stressful – but immensely rewarding! The Meet & Greet was an incredibly memorable night, and it was nice to be able to meet employers. There were some employers that I became more interested in after meeting them, and others where I lost almost all potential interest

What is it like working there? What was your first week like?

Working at Catalyst is basically a dream job. I learned more than I could have imagined in my first week alone, and had the great pleasure of meeting many like-minded coworkers.

What skills did you learn during your internship?

I learned several technical skills during my internship. I was exposed to tools such as Docker, Ansible, PostgreSQL, and various Linux command-line tools.

Most importantly, I learned how to work within a team. For example, it may be easy to craft a solution that works well for me, but not for others. It’s hard to overstate how important communication skills really are.

What is your biggest accomplishment? What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest accomplishment was probably helping out with migrating software to run on a new “server” for one of the teams. This involved porting projects into Docker containers and ensuring it all worked with significantly newer software. I never knew that a job could be this rewarding!

What are the next steps for you in 2016? Is it back to study or launching into the industry?

I’m going back to study in 2016, but Catalyst is also keeping me on through the year. I’m likely to stay here in a long-term role, and I’m sure I’ll continue loving every minute of it.


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