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Junior Test Analyst at Adminis – My Summer of Tech

By Ella Halstead
January 27 2020

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By Josh O’Hagan, Junior Test Analyst Intern at Adminis

Josh, Junior Test Analyst at Adminis

Hello there. I’m Josh O’Hagan, and I’m studying Computer Science and Maths at Victoria University of Wellington. I’m originally from Hamilton, but I moved down to Wellington for the student life and academic opportunities. I think Wellington has a great culture, and a large tech industry that is full of enthusiastic people. Through Summer of Tech, I got a Junior Test Analyst internship. 

How did you hear about Summer of Tech?

A friend from uni told me about it. It seemed like a great platform for students and employers to network. For a while, I was on the fence about whether I really wanted to pursue Summer of Tech; but I’m really glad I did. Even though my internship doesn’t directly relate to my studies, I really enjoyed sharing great experience’s with tech employees and helping to make a difference in a company; which makes a difference in NZ. I am extremely grateful to SoT (Summer of Tech) for giving me, and many other students, these wonderful opportunities.

What was the process like getting your job?

It was a lot of hard work, but I learnt so much along the way. The key to success is to start early, and consistently work at it bit by bit. Every bit of effort you put into SoT helps increase your chances at getting an internship as students are slowly filtered out by employers. 

The most difficult thing was definitely writing my student profile, but once I finished that I found more confidence in myself and the pathway I was aiming for. The skills I gained throughout the year in SoT really helped me to shine in my interviews.

Although working on your interview skills is really important, the key thing that got me my internship was being able to express what I was passionate about. Applying for internships isn’t all about appealing to what the employer wants, it’s a lot about showing them what motivates you as a person. Someone is hired because the they have found the right job, and the employer has found the right employee. Even though my passion for mathematics does not have any use in my job, my employer picked up on it, as he is also really passionate about mathematics. You never know, there might be someone out there who shares your passion!

Working at my job was awesome. The people were very friendly, and I could see the difference my work was making in the company. The learning curve was a bit steep to begin with, but my co-workers were very generous in giving me a hand. Looking back, I’m glad that I put in the hard work to get this internship; it was worth every minute!

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done so far in your internship?

Writing my own automated tests for websites. It was really amazing being able to click play, and see my program work on its own. I learnt so much in the process of creating automated tests, and I feel there is still much more to learn.

Another task I worked on was improving the stability and success rate of the company’s automation tests. I really feel like the work I have done in that area will have a lasting effect on the company, and save people a lot of time. I am very grateful to my workmates for helping me work on this task, and being good role models.

What’s something that has surprised you about your job?

Working in tech isn’t just about solving code problems. There are so many areas that are affected by the technology you are working on, especially your customers. When you come up with a solution, you also have to think about the customers involved, and how it will impact your tech team. 

Another surprising aspect is that everyone in my company is known by their name, not their title. Just because you are in a certain role doesn’t mean you are limited to that work. Employee’s can be very flexible with the work they do, and choose to pick up other skills they enjoy. What makes each company special is the combination of unique individuals who each bring a unique perspective to the company.

What’s something you’ve learned whilst in your internship?

The most important skill I have learnt and practiced is always keeping my mind open. It can be easy to get stuck in a certain way of thinking, or a certain pattern of life, but if you keep your mind fresh and try new things, you will find more enjoyment and progress in your work. Always talking to co-workers has definitely made my mind more open to innovative solutions and new ways of working.

The same goes for outside of work. Having an open mind increases the chances of finding things you enjoy, and sometimes you stumble into things you are very passionate about!

What are your plans for the future e.g career or uni wise?

I hope to continue my studies in Computer Graphics, and, one day, find a job that meets my passion in Computer Graphics and Maths. Regardless of where I go, I know that the relationships I have formed with my work mates will last for life, and the experience’s I’ve shared with them will provide me with superfluous wisdom for the future.

Again, a huge thanks to SoT for helping me get this Junior Test Analyst internship. I’m very grateful to work on projects I enjoy with a great team who shares my interests.

To all the students pursuing careers and internships, keep an open mind and make the most of your opportunities and interests. You never know, you might find something amazing!


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