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Software Developer Internship at MYOB – My Summer of Tech

By Ruth
February 21 2020

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My name is Ryan Bircham, I’m studying a Bachelor of Computer Information Science at AUT, been living in Auckland my whole life. Through Summer of Tech, I got a software developer internship at MYOB in 2019.

How did you hear about Summer of Tech/Biz?

I heard about Summer of Tech from another BCIS student in 2018 called Maxwell, for the last couple years he was the only on-campus face of SOT but he graduated in 2018.

What was the process like getting your job?

The process of getting my internship at MYOB was pretty funny, I had interviewed there in first year, but not gotten the role. This year I got invited to their hackathon called Hackdays, which my friends and I actually did really well in, we won our category and got some money. The Hackathon finished on Friday, and then Meet and Greet was on the following Monday, two days later, so the conversations flowed really easily with everyone there, some I had worked with during the competition, and others had seen us receiving prizes and talking about our project and wanted to know a bit more. After my second year with MYOB at speed interviews, I got called in for a technical thinking interview, which was a little bit intimidating, but we got there in the end. On Offers Day I accepted MYOB.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done so far in your internship?

The coolest thing I have done in my internship this far was building some custom logging middleware for our asp.net API, and then now learning how to read and understand those logs in our production environment with cloudwatch, and hopefully soon sumo logic.

What’s something that has surprised you about your job?

Something really surprising has been how social the office space is, we play a lot of ping pong and pool during the day, and most Fridays you can enjoy a game of Catan over a beer, which has been a great way to meet more senior developers and get to know them a little bit.

What’s something you’ve learned whilst in your internship?

One of the main things I learned during this internship is how to grow my skillset in areas that companies are looking for, like learning .net, or AWS. My two mentors at MYOB really helped me grow in a ton of areas.

What are your plans for the future e.g career or uni wise?

Hopefully, after my developer internship, I’ll be moving into the developer space in 2021, I want to try getting some devops experience, and some more front-end experience. Other than that, I’ll just try finishing my degree and see where the wind takes me.

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