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WLG Hackfest – team Hotshots

By Ruth
August 21 2017

Posted in Student Stories

Our premium student skills development event for code & design students in the programme is Hackfest, a 2 day app-building challenge for teams of SoT2017 students. They’re supported by industry mentors, and the challenge this year was to use an API or dataset, and build something cool in a weekend, e.g. a web/mobile app or data visualisation.

Here’s the profile of one of the teams from our Wellington Web Hackfest, held at Flux Federation on the 12th & 13th August 2017:

Team Hotshots: Chris (Designer), Morgan, Greg, Cameron, Li (Developers), Christopher (Mentor)

App Name: Flat Smart

What does it do?  Our app is for the aspiring Student/Young Professional who needs to move to a new area in order to continue with work and study. Flat Smart provides an easy and simple comparison between suburbs in a city, allowing a newbie to a city an easy way to get information about where to live within a city.

What tools did you use to build it?  TradeMe API, Google Places API, Police Dataset

Anything else you’d like to share about your Hackfest experience?

It was amazing! I came in with little knowledge of web technologies and came out having produced a web app! We are placed in a safe environment where no question is too stupid so that we could learn in the best way – learning by doing.

More photos

Some photos from the event are up on Facebook and there were a bunch of tweeted updates over the weekend too.

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