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Summer of Tech Jobs

Summer of Tech Jobs are paid entry-level IT roles for students and graduates, any time of the year. If you're looking for mid-year interns, part time or short term student for projects, or full-time graduate employees, SoT Jobs can help you with quality IT talent from around the country, any time of the year.

Flexible part time, short term or permanent, paid roles for students students and graduates from all over New Zealand.

In 2017, we launched SoT Jobs, so we can now help organisations find top New Zealand students and graduates to work on tech projects all year round! Students will have the benefit of our bootcamp programme, but there’s flexibility with timing and duration of roles.

SoT Jobs candidates have skills in web development, software engineering, DevOps, digital design, Business Analysis, digital marketing, software testing, app development, security, User Experience, and more. What they may lack in experience, they’ll make up for in motivation and passion to learn and develop the skills you need, fast.

How it works

Finding the right students or graduates is a simple 3 step process.

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