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InternQuest – Employer Bootcamps

By Ruth
April 16 2018

Posted in Employer Resources


New for 2018!!

We’re running workshops for employers, to help maximise your quest for an intern. These are free, informal sessions designed to help streamline the process of finding, hiring & onboarding interns.

The InternQuest Workshop series is aimed at hiring managers from NZ organisations who want to connect with top local intern talent. The content is relevant to all types of internships (not just full time summer ones!), all types of intern projects & all types of industries/teams. Our goal is to help you prepare for an efficient & effective internship experience – for you AND your next intern!

In 2017, we piloted “bootcamps” for new mentors, and the feedback from 70+ attendees was very positive.  So we’ve got some more resources & support coming your way in 2018.

The full series comprises 4 workshops, but you can attend one/some/all, it’s totally up to you:
1: Plan
2: Promote & Search
3: Select & Prepare
4: Mentor Skills

More detail about each workshop, and links to RSVP below:

Part 1: Planning for Interns

We’ll cover:
– what kind of work/projects are suitable for interns
– how to write a compelling internship role description
– what do you need in terms of people, budget, and support to maximise intern value

Wellington: RSVP for lunchtime or evening session on 30 May
Auckland: RSVP here for lunchtime session on 6 June

Part 2: Promoting & Searching for Interns

We’ll cover:
– channels to reach out to appropriate students & graduates
– why proactive searching is important
– how to streamline your process so that you aren’t overwhelmed with hundreds of applications
– if you choose an “application” process, what works best?

Wellington: RSVP for lunchtime or evening session on 12 July
Auckland: here for lunchtime session on 18 July

Part 3: Selecting & Preparing for Interns

We’ll cover:
– streamlining your selection process: criteria, overcoming bias, tests/exercises, speedy interviews
– recruiting students: protips to minimise stress and maximise their opportunity to shine
– your preparations: project, people, budget, and support in place to maximise intern value?

Wellington: RSVP for lunchtime or evening session on 8 August
Auckland: RSVP here for lunchtime session on 15 August

Part 4: Mentoring Interns

We’ll cover:
– support roles: mentor/manager/buddy
– phases of the internship: what you need to know
– checking in, feedback, enabling problem-solving, wrapping up, retention

Wellington: RSVP for 16th October lunchtime or evening session OR 18th October lunchtime or evening session
Auckland: lunchtime session on 17th October here or 24th October here


Note: If you’re not based in Auckland or Wellington, we can schedule a remote webinar session. Please contact us if that’s of interest to you.

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