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Making dreams come true: from intern to software developer at Flux Federation

By Chris Dabb
August 5 2019

Posted in Employer Stories

Flux Federation’s supportive hands-on learning environment has helped one Summer of Tech intern reach her goal of becoming a full time software developer.

Flux Federation is well seasoned when it comes to hiring Summer of Tech interns. Over the past six years, they’ve seen a number of enthusiastic students and new graduates burst through the doors as workplace-rookies, then go on to become fully fledged, skilled permanent members of staff.

On the job learning

Software Developer Samantha Ong credits her 2018/2019 internship at Flux Federation for helping to get her career off the ground and to secure her current full time job at Flux Federation.

“I learned how to adapt and use tools and methodologies that are used in industry that they don’t really teach you at university.

“As my internship progressed, I gained a lot more confidence in my ability to do valuable work and contribute meaningfully. I learned how to be an effective team member by watching how others worked around me and receiving continuous feedback about my own progress,” she says.

Nurturing future talent

At Flux Federation, mistakes are embraced as learning opportunities. If someone makes a mistake there’s no finger-pointing – there’s just analysing what happened, how it could have been prevented, and what could be done better.

It’s this culture of learning that makes Flux Federation the perfect environment for interns to hone their skills and gain the confidence they need to launch their career.
Crew Experience Officer Emma Barnes says the whole organisation is invested in making the programme work, from recruitment right through to providing support and learning opportunities.

“For me, the Summer of Tech internship programme is really about investing in the wider tech community in Wellington. Giving interns a good start benefits us, them and Wellington.

“It’s also a great way for existing staff to work on their mentoring skills,” she says.

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