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Summer at Trustpower

By Ruth
August 22 2017

Posted in Employer Stories

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a software developer intern? Here’s a story from one of our 2016 employers, Trustpower

Chris & Jonny worked in the Software Development team, part of the Business Solutions & Technology team at Trustpower’s awesome head office in Tauranga last summer. They really enjoyed Trustpower’s activity-based working style and office environment that encourages collaboration across the entire company.

The focus for the interns was not a specified project but on innovation and research into new technologies, products and frameworks that provide innovative solutions to business problems and customer engagement. “Lightning Teams” were formed to investigate and try new technologies with the interns having support and mentors from experienced developers.  The teams quickly became competitive but fun with lots of valuable learning for both the interns and the developers.

Some of the software development tools used at Trustpower

The major focus became in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and bots using the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, Cognitive Services and Bot Frameworks.  Some research was thrown away as not viable but many of the learnings have turned into real projects that will change the way we interact with our customers and how we use and analyse data.

The team at Trustpower are always looking for ways to challenge themselves on how they deliver solutions to staff and customers, there is a a major focus on innovation across the entire business.

Chris moved from Auckland and Jonny from Hamilton to Tauranga for the summer, and they had only good things to say about the move! Proximity to the beach and lifestyle might have had something to do with it, but the work they were able to get stuck into during their internship all resulted in a very strong endorsement for software developer internships at Trustpower!


The team work hard and are passionate about software development and delivering innovative solutions but also find time to ensure the environment is a fun place to work.


Thanks to Steve & the awesome team at Trustpower for providing such cool internships last year.  But wait, they’re doing it again! Trustpower are one of our sponsors & host companies for 2017/18 internships, so students seeking fun times and cool tech projects in Tauranga should jump into SoT2017! Trustpower will be attending our Wellington and Auckland Meet & Greet events, and they’d love to talk to students about internships this summer.

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