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2020 Offers (a student guide)

By Ruth
September 18 2020

Posted in Student Resources

Here’s some tips to make sure you’re ready for offers day, when employers can start sending offers out to their top candidates for paid summer internships!

Getting an internship is competitive, as you can tell from our 2019 report we have more candidates than we have roles available. Right now (23 Sept 2020) we have 2,441 live candidate profiles…. and 374 open roles.  (Actually, we think that’s pretty good odds, compared to applying for grad programmes and other internship roles out there in the world beyond Summer of Tech!)

In spite of what you might hear about the tech talent shortage, entry level IT jobs are hard to land. Most companies are focused on hiring seniors, and it’s our MISSION to help them “grow their own talent” after all, where do seniors come from???

Here’s your guide to the offers process for Summer of Tech 2020:

Offers Timeline

Offers Process

What if…

no offers

multiple offers

an offer I’m not sure about

an offer outside of Summer of Tech

Good luck during recruitment season 2020!



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