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Bootcamp Highlights: Git 101 by Xero

By Ella Halstead
March 30 2020

Posted in Bootcamp Highlights, Student Resources

Written by Yekti Crow

The bootcamp started with Kenji and Sueyeon explaining what Git is and why it is important for student to learn about it. They also shared examples of real-life application of  Git and Git Hub in their professional life at Xero.

Git is a great tool for storing, versioning and sharing your code. It’s used to manage a wide range of software, from single person projects to massive application suites worked on by thousands of developers. After the presentation, they proceeded to have a live demo in which students could try some simple operations at Git Hub.

The Xero team guided students to make their own Git Hub account and to do tasks in Git Hub such as cloning repository and submitting pull requests for contributors review. The students were actively asking questions and raising their hands when they needed help. The Xero team constantly went around the room to interact with students and helped them solve their problem. There were 73 students who attended the session and everyone stayed until the end.

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