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Bootcamp Highlights – Security 101: A day in the life of a security consultant

By Ruth
August 3 2018

Posted in Student Resources

Guest post by Kimberley Hayward

On Wednesday we got to hear about what it is like to work as a Security Consultant, hearing from the Aura Information Security Team about what their jobs entail.

They shared with us some of their stories from their time at Aura, explaining how they are sometimes tasked with trying to physically gain access to specific buildings and offices to test their physical security, which involves using some pretty cool gadgets and skills. They also got us thinking about the importance of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in different scenarios, comparing what of the three is most important for say a hospital compared to a company such as Facebook.

To end the bootcamp off the team helped students do some cross-site scripting on a specially created website of theirs (with their permission of course), before pizza arrived courtesy of Aura. With it came a great opportunity to socialise with the team from Aura and ask more questions about what they do and what skills are useful for students interested in a similar career path.

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