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Bootcamp Highlights – How Different Companies Interview

By Ruth
September 14 2018

Posted in Bootcamp Highlights, Student Resources

This is a guest post by Rachel Bolt:

Interviews are stressful and can be terrifying! You don’t know what it’s like till you’ve had one – so this event gives some tips on how some different companies interview to let you know what to expect.

Even though we had a startup, a medium, a large and a multi-national company represented, surprisingly the majority of the tips were very similar!

Interview tips from all presenters

Core skills examples

Examples of questions to ask THEM

Cover Letters & CV’s

Hiring Processes

They all have different processes but they all followed clear steps:
Usually the CV and cover letter screening comes first, then a phone interview or you will be given a challenge, then an in-person interview, then reference checks, then job offer!

They want to get to know YOU, how well you’d fit and add to their culture, are you willing to learn, what makes you different. They also need to check you have the basic technical skills + more (but more isn’t always necessary as personality is more important).

Most employers expect you to learn and develop on the job, especially internships and grad roles. Sometimes they need specific skills NOW so it will be more about the skills & experience.

Job interviews can range from very informal to very formal – it all depends on the organisation and who is making the decisions!


Thank you to all our presenters for giving your time, sharing your wisdom, and investing in the capability of Wellington’s emerging tech talent, and thanks to Rachel for the write up!

We ran this bootcamp in Auckland, too, here are the notes from that session.

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